New versus Retrofit

So, you bought that ranch house that you swore you wouldn’t.   It seems out of date.  It’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  You wish you could tear and down and build new? Save your money and retrofit that rancher.

Simply put, the greenest house is not always the one you tear down, but the one you can save and transform.  If your house is a rancher, rambler, or cottage with a basement, you may save more money by working with its existing conditions, instead of ripping that hunk of concrete and block out of the ground.  The equation isn’t universal, but in the Northern Virginia suburbs regulations are strict and fees are high. Demolishing an old house and building a new one can add unnecessary civil engineering and county review fees in the range of $15-30,000.  We think it is worth exploring whether building what you want is possibly off what you already have.  If the original house is well built, then it’s core can be transformed.

Turn a ranch into an Arts &Crafts bungalow or a rambler into Dwell Modern.  We have done it before.

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