How it works

To support our design services, Metro Green maintains a partnership with Kaplan Thompson Architects, one of the east coast’s most innovative sustainable architecture firms.   Metro Green also works with local architects, fusing our expertise in green construction with you and your architect’s aesthetic vision.


Every Metro Green project begins with a thorough understanding of your project goals.  Through interviews and questionnaires, we gather your thoughts regarding:

    • The house program (what you want in the house);
    • The desired aesthetic (what you want the house to look like)
    •  Your level of interest in “green” pursuits: energy efficiency, air quality, environmental impact, and resource management.

Our team then puts together a conceptual design (3D elevations and sketch floor plans) and projected budget/cost for your project…

Schematic Design and Construction Planning

Using revisions and budgets developed in the feasibility phase, our team works closely with you to develop schematic drawings, 3-D modeling, elevations, energy models, a finalized line item budget, and construction timelines suitable for bank financing.

Key activities during this phase will include:

1) Improving the design aesthetics and house program to match your needs and budget

2) Measuring the impact of design on energy efficiency, indoor comfort/day lighting, and making design and/or system adjustments where necessary

3) Developing a critical path schedule for construction.


Metro Green will obtain all necessary permits for your project as a Virginia Class A licensed contractor.  Each construction project is supervised by Patty Shields, Metro Green’s principal.  Patty is a LEED accredited building professional with a decade of experience in residential construction.


As your project nears completion, we will walk the site with you to review all project details, from exterior landscaping, to energy systems and finishes, ensuring that every element of your project is completed to your satisfaction and all systems are working smoothly.  At the end of your project, Metro Green will provide you with a working handbook, outlining all workmanship, system and material warranties, energy models, schematic plans, as well as suggestions for long term maintenance of your systems and finishes. It is our goal not only to build sustainable homes, but to develop sustained relationships with our clients beyond the life of the project.