March 23 2014 – Slab Prep Donaldson Run Passive House


IMG_1707 IMG_1706 IMG_1702 IMG_1701


SLAB PREP at Donaldson Run Passive House.

6″ 60 PSI foam, termite treated, 2″ foam at slab edge, 15mil stego vapor barrier, Stego tape all seam and penetrations, lap barrier 2 feet over wall at walkout, 2 feet up wall for remaining.  Rebar and wire mesh over top for structural slab specifications.  Extra rebar at load bearing wall.  You could park a car in this basement if you wanted to, but alas, the garage is separate – for good reason.  Passive Houses and attached garages don’t go well together.  Arlington TV stopped by to take a look .  Mar 24 2014

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